Cape Town convivium leader, Stephen Flesch

Slow Food Cape Town is a local convivium (chapter) of the international Slow Food movement. A movement that celebrates, protects and promotes foods that are  good, clean and fair.

Good food is delicious, natural and part of a cultural heritage. Clean food is grown sustainably, in an environmentally responsible manner. Fair food is produced by farmers and artisans who have food sovereignty: they are free to choose how, when, where and what food they produce, and are adequately remunerated and respected for their work. .

We achieve this by:

  • Safeguarding local and indigenous dishes, made according to traditional methods,
  • Giving preference to foods that are grown and produced sustainably, by small farmers and producers, using traditional skills and methods,
  • Regarding meal times as an opportunity to celebrate our relationships and cultures,
  • Believing the enjoyment of food is a right of all people.

We offer monthly activities to promote these values. These events include meals, tastings, lectures and producer visits.  Guests are welcome to attend.

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Slow Food Cape Town is run by a committee of elected volunteers, and we currently have over 150 paying members. To join Slow Food Cape Town, click here.

To send us an email, click .

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