Slow Food Cape Town: South African CheeseThe per capita consumption of cheese in South Africa has increased from 1.0 to 1.9 kg per year since 1995. This is great news for local manufacturers. The French tops the list with 25 kg per year followed by Greece and Germany with 20kg and the Netherlands with 18kg. The English, Australians and New Zealanders are on 9kg and the Japanese just a bit better than South African on 2kg.

Traditionally, South Africans preferred milder cheeses but have been experimenting since 1995 with types which are more flavourful with a resultant growth in sales of these.

The worldwide trend of eating more meals outside the home is also prevalent in South Africa and the result is that more cheese is being consumed through prepared and recipe dishes eaten in this way.
Artisanal  Cheese Producers

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Slow Food Cape Town Annual Awards

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Agri-Expo South African Qualite Awards

Slow Food Cape Town: Qualite AwardsA Qualite Award is a symbol of outstanding quality for dairy products and is only awarded to South African Dairy Champions that have obtained a specific minimum point on the international scorecard. Very few products obtain this annual award who are then able to display the distinctive logo on their product. For a list of winners visit


Rennet Suppliers

Rennet is an enzyme used to coagulate milk during the cheesemaking process. Natural rennet comes from the fourth stomach chamber of young calves, sheep or goats. However, rennet may also be produced from vegetables, fungi or microbes. Click HERE to view a list of local rennet suppliers.

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